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Sectional Garage Door
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Features and specifications


Exquisite appearance 
It has more durability than that with traditional smooth design. The special grain treatment can avoid dust accumulation in maximum level. Even through long-time sunshine and rain, it looks still very new.

Dual-layer heat-keeping panel
The dual-layer heat-keeping panel is made of quality color spraying polyester steel sheet, among which is evenly filled with hard polyurethane foam,with good performance of heat-keeping and sound-isolation. 

Die Lösung f��r ältere Fenster: 3D-F��hrungsschienen

Perfect Seal
The sealed bottom of the door can prevent rain and dust effectively. 

Die Lösung f��r ältere Fenster: 3D-F��hrungsschienen

High quality metal component
Every metal component of superlift garage door has been carefully manufactured by us. Even in the worst circumstance, the working life has no changes due to the high quality components.