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Industrial Roller Door
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Features and specifications

Industril roller door is adopted double layer aluminum extrusion slats with high solid,reliable and anti-rusting function.The strengthened condition and durable usages achieves the smooth and safety.The surface is treated with especial surface coating technics with keeping long time new appearance.

This is ahigh sealed and anti-typhoon design door,which has characters of beautiful appearance,anti-rusting,anti-thief,fast speed with safety control,save space of ceiling and easy to installation.

Fits to used for high grade factory door.

It is a fast rolling door,which can running door speed from 12meter to 18meter per minute.

This door moving reposefully with security,becanse there is a monolithic door frame structure for sure to share the perssure of the weight and operates safety.

Anti-noise,light weight of door.

Chinese motor and control system keeps the doors quality stable movement and comply with the European safety standard.

The control system are switch,remote control,automatic computer control and red infrared sensor protection system.


Infrared sensor settings 
The infrared sensor is used for guide rails,even there is human being or barrier under the door opens and closes,it would alarm and stop moving instantly.

Automatic alarm settings
The automatic alarming settings can fast action if abnormal upper push or beoken the door.

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Drive system
It is adopted the European newest tubular motors,chain motors,gear motors are noiseless,long lifetime,easy installation.

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Noiseless function
There are noiseless rubber insert install into the guide rail,slats and bottom slats,which can keep the operation more stable and noise decrease 20db.

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High speed operation
Each door slats are banded together closely.When operates the door,which is moving up and down on vertical level and keep closely spaced.

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Typical design
There are flexible side clips in connecting each of door slats and rubber insert are decrease the friction and noise.