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Roller Shutter
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Advantage: Heat Insulation

Fuel economization
Makarx front-mounted roller shutter will save energy, in comparison to a lintel box since no thermal bridge occurs between shutter element and inner room.

Optimal heat protection with roller shutters closed
Between window and shutter curtain there will develop a strong insulating air cushion. The insulation of a heat-insulated window pane will increase by 20 %.


Benefit: Sound proofing

Additional Soundproofing through closed roller shutters
Aluminum panels are filled with sound-absorbing foam-material and lower the noise level extremely. This gives you a restful night of sleep and higher concentration and efficiency during the day.

High Soundproofing values are Standard 
Optimal soundproofing, tested in many laboratory experiments. If the inside is plastered or equipped with additional insertions soundproofing values (Rw) of up to 42dB will be possible.


Advantage: Visual Cover

Protection of curious glimpses
Enjoy undisturbed protection in your house.By means of group control you can either open or close all roller shutters automatically.
(All MAKARX roller shutter systems with motor)

Advantage: Weather Protection

Protection from good or bad weather
Rain, snow and hail as well as strong solar radiation will be kept away by roller shutter curtains made of ALUMINO-slats. Enjoy a cool, shady room even at midsummer. By photo sensor all roller shutters will be closed or opened automatically.

Wooden windows and floors need special protection
Climatic conditions can be detected at wooden windows and floors. Wooden windows have to be painted often at the weather side and have to be replaced after a few years. Parquet and laminate flooring will bleach near the window area within a few years and should be protected.

Advantage: Security

Security package as effective protection against burglars (optional) 
Makarx does not make it easy for burglars. Shutter systems with aluminum roller shutter curtains are very safe. The MAKARX-Security Package with reinforced bottom panel, concealed bolted guiding rails and the push-up protection are hard to break through. You will receive a proven system with the security package at a reasonable price.

The programmable timer opens and closes your roller shutters while you are away even at sporadic intervals and pretends an occupied home.

The Approach sensor
The area in front of the window will be guarded by these sensors and will start up the shutters after 10 seconds should there be a person. Should this person not be discouraged and should not leave the area the roller shutter curtain will close completely.

Advantage: Design

Three faced box with integrated style
It was the classical design for outside installation and suitable for all the building style with perfect shape which was mostly widely used.

Two faced box for concealed installation
It was specially designed for window with concealed installation.The advantage was economical,energy conservation,lighting and sound-proof.

Three faced box with plug-in style
The curved shape with simple and fasionable design wuhich can make the wall surface be graceful.

Three faced box of plug-in style
It is unnecessary to change the elevation of counstruction as the Unique style with one quarter arc shape can fit well with the wall and keep hamony of the design.


Slats Colors
Combinations with up to 17 colors for slats give you thousands of possibilities.